MARA TARIM GIDA LTD. STI Fertilizer, Agricultural Machine, Seeding Machine, Precision Seeding Machine, Pneumatic Seeding Machine, Basal Fertilizer, Cotton Collector, Cotton Collectors
ELLEAIR INTERNATIONAL TURKEY KISISEL BAKIM URUNLERI URETIM A.S. Baby Care Product, Baby Diaper, Baby Shampoo, Baby Oil, Baby Lotion, Baby Solid Soap, Soap, Kids Shampoo
CELIKLER DEMIR DIREK LTD. STI. Towers, Overhead Transmission Line Towers, Transmission Towers, Transmission Line Towers, Substation Steel Structures, Substation Structures, Gsm Towers, Antenna Towers
JETPAK PLASTIK KIMYA AMBALAJ GIDA SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI Plastic Packings, Plastic Packagings, Thermoform Packings, Pe Packings, Viols, Aluminum Foils, Bowls, Plastic Bowls

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About Celikler Demir Direk " Celikler Lattice Tower ", with its experience since its establishment in 1970, has specialized in Energy Transmission Line Poles, Distribution Poles, Transformer Center Steel Constructions, GSM Towers. Our company, which is close to technology, realizes production by adopting zero-error principle in recent years together with CNC machines. In addition, it has gained an important place in the sector in full-time production by providing Organization-Production-Customer information flow with the Energy Transmission Line ERP software developed and developed within itself. It has always aimed to complete its projects in cooperation with customers. As a result, it has acquired more than 1000 customer portfolio and increases this number day by day.
Operates in plastic packaging sector. Accepting quality and customer satisfaction as a prerequisite, it meets the packaging needs of meat and dairy products, jam, tahini, molasses, marmalade, butter, canned food, tomato paste, pickles, olives and frozen food sectors. paint, building chemicals, detergent, cosmetic, seed and pesticide etc. also provides packaging services to sectors.
It was founded in June 2020 upon the acquisition of Ozen Kisisel Bakim A.S. and its factory in Gebze by Daio Paper Co. which is one of the largest paper manufacturers in Japan. Daio Paper Co. Offering service in many countries since 1943, Daio Paper Co. is one of the largest paper manufacturers in Japan and one of the world's top 10 companies in the hygiene and paper category. In addition to its headquarter located in Tokyo, it has been carrying out its activities in more than 20 countries through the principle offices located in Nagoya and Fukuoka in Japan, Oregon in USA and Hawaii and Chile.
Founded in 1989, MARA continues its attempts to expand its range of services from its inception. First of all, food and tobacco products, which are the main activity subject, have structured their supply distribution network flawlessly. It has implemented construction and construction projects without compromising its quality – trust oriented approach. Our goal as MARA is to provide opportunities and resources that will contribute to the development of our employees in line with their abilities and skills, to create a working environment that supports excellence, creativity and quality by providing communication with which they can share their ideas. We have made it our principle to offer you the best quality by expanding our business in accordance with the requirements of the fast consumption sector and the era we are in.